Atlantic Cruising Yachts has a New Partner in Key West!

Atlantic Cruising Yachts is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Stock Island Marina Village in Key West to offer boat owners long-term yacht management services and exclusive yacht charter experiences in the country’s most desirable and unique nautical destination – Key West, Florida!

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It’s “About Time” to Pursue the Dream!

A story from our customer, Barry Slifstein, who re-evaluated his priorities and got back into boating after his father passed. Barry is a knowledgeable and experienced boater who just finished delivering his new Jeanneau 54 from Annapolis to the Virgin Islands.

This story is about two exceptional boats and an exceptional man, Barry Slifstein. He chartered “Not Afraid” and named his new boat “About Time,” and what a wonderful story he has! Read about his experience in his own words.

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What Makes a Power Catamaran a Motor Yacht?

Motor Yacht vs. Powered Yacht? It’s all about the planing speeds.

It starts with the design intent. If you want to have a true, planing motor yacht, like the Fountaine Pajot 37 and 44, it must be designed with a planing hull and matching appropriate engine installation.

In the case of the  Fountaine Pajot 44 Motor Yacht, which is a huge volume boat, it makes sense to go with IPS drives which are 50% more efficient than a conventional power train. That translates to longer range and higher speeds for a given engine and set of conditions. Now, let’s get a little technical.

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Are Electric Boats The Future?

Marine power efficiency has improved greatly over the years. Looking at the different options, steam engines are roughly 10% efficient, gas is about 25% efficient, and diesel hovers around 35% efficient. Any guess where electric falls? More than 90% efficient!

Right now the marine electric motor is a proven concept. Experts have said, “Electric motors are there; in 20 years, 50 years they won’t have changed appreciably.”

So why aren’t they here yet?

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The 40th Annual St. Petersburg Power and Sailboat Show is Almost Here!

Atlantic Cruising Yachts is gearing up for the largest in-water boat show on the Gulf Coast, taking place November 30 through December 3!

General Information:

The annual in-water power and sailboat show will feature an extensive selection of power boats and sailboats, both in water and on land. Show-goers will find hundreds of boats to view including the latest models from Fountaine Pajot! In addition to the large selection of exhibits at this year’s show, there are also several events that will keep the whole family entertained including marine seminars and youth fishing clinics presented by Hook the Future.Continue Reading…

Top 10 Boat Show Secrets

The United States Sailboat Show is right around the corner, where sailors from around the globe gather on miles of docks and attendees can experience the largest selection of Fountaine Pajot and Jeanneau yachts in America, including the brand new Saona 47 and Jeanneau 440.

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Introducing Waypoints™ – A Network of Independent Yacht Charter Companies Connected by Commitment to Quality

After four decades of helping yacht owners find the ideal location to place their yacht into charter management, Atlantic Cruising Yachts has announced the formation of Waypoints™ — a network of affiliated, independently-owned, boutique charter bases.

The sailing public will experience the Waypoints™ network for the first time at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis on October 5. Affiliated locations include Cruise Annapolis in the Chesapeake, Cruise Abaco in the Bahamas, Virgin Islands Yacht Charters in the U.S. Virgin Islands, BVI Yacht Charters in the British Virgin Islands,  and Sailing Florida on Florida’s Gulf Coast.Continue Reading…

Get Prequalified Before the Boat Show for a VIP Experience

Atlantic Cruising Yachts is partnering with expert marine financing solutions provider LH-Finance. This strategic partnership includes not only retail and inventory financing, but also teaming up to offer a VIP experience for pre-qualified buyers at the United States Sailboat Shows in Annapolis. Customers who are pre-qualified will receive free admission for two and a VIP package that includes a parking voucher, Mercedes-exclusive drivers for hotel to boat show transportation, and access to the VIP tent with complimentary drinks and food.Continue Reading…

Hurricane Irma Resource Page


Updated 10/6/17

We will continue to update this page as we receive updates from all of our affiliated charter locations. We are happy to report that all of our charter affiliates’ staff are safe and accounted for, and life is beginning to return to normal in the Virgin Islands and Key West. We do know that in time, these beautiful places will recover as they have in the past.  There are many ways to help these wonderful places recover from the storm through donations or simply planning a sailing trip and continuing to support the local economy.Continue Reading…