New FP47 Dinghy Lift

In a YouTube post about the new FP 47 video, CP asked:

aerial - New FP47 Dinghy LiftThe dingy platform is interesting. Do you think it’s reliable? I like the idea, but would be concerned about the complexity and additional systems to worry about. I noticed they are also offering traditional davits.

Chris, thanks for your comments. The reliability of the platform is a common question. It is hydraulic. A system that has been used on power boats, farm equipment, and other heavy industrial equipment that undergoes rough usage day in and day out and offers superb reliability under the most adverse conditions.

That’s why this system was chosen–for it’s heavy duty, robust capability.. It has been carefully designed so that when up, it is totally clear of the tunnel and it’s resulting stern wave. It goes down to the level of the stair platforms just above the water, providing a lounge terrace as shown in the pictures, and, finally, it lowers beneath the water for launching of the dinghy or scuba divers. Unique on a sailboat at this time, but a sign of things to come.

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Catamarans: What the Experts are Saying

Imagine you’re a fly on the wall, hearing experienced catamaran aficionados discussing some of the issues brought up with the new designs displayed at recent shows. What are the differences and how should they impact your choices?
One thing pretty much agreed on, there is a considerable difference between a boat designed primarily for charter companies, and one designed for private owners (Even though the latter may be privately managed.)  Link to a simpler, shorter article (especially useful if you’re new to all of this): Catamarans 101

Here are some of the hot topics people were talking about at recent boat shows:

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Annapolis Boat Show – Directions and Parking

The Annapolis Boat Show is in just two days, from Thursday, October 5 until Monday, October 9.asss-alley - Annapolis Boat Show

Attendees will get the opportunity to climb aboard some of the sea’s most extraordinary boats. They will be able to tour and learn more about the world’s finest vessels and state-of-the-art equipment while browsing through vendors’ tents and stocking up the latest and greatest sailing gear.

Something to keep in mind is that while this show is one not to miss and garners a lot of attention, the crowds often make it difficult to easily navigate through the show and can be overwhelming.

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Annapolis in-water SailBoat Show, 2018

The Grand Daddy of all in-water sailboat shows in the world. The first show. The one show not to miss.

Annapolis in-water Boat Show 2016
Click for review of last year.
  • When: Oct 4-8, 2018
  • Where: Annapolis City Dock
  • Why…

Here’s where you can see it all:

  • Typically over 300 boats, fully rigged and equipped the way you want to use them–in the water.
  • Small boats, dinghies, life-rafts and the rest on land.
  • Several circus tents of equipment displays, often manned by the owner’s and experts of the companies.
  • Vacation (Charter) basin–all of the major charter companies represented as well as our affiliates and our Annapolis charter company, Cruise Annapolis.
  • Live mini-seminars featuring tax experts and owners–At our ACY/Cruise Annapolis floating tent display in the Vacation basin.
  • Brokerage boat basin
  • Information and lecture series–sign up at boat show site, and/or get tickets in advance! CLICK HERE.
  • VIDEO  To give you the flavor, and show you where our home office is, On the Harbor–It all started some 45 years ago in annapolis, because this is arguably, the first and biggest in-water show in the world!

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Why Annapolis is America’s Cruising Capital

America's Cruising Capital - Annapolis
Click the photograph for a virtual tour of our office and marina. Walk down the docks, on the boats and into our office.

Visit us in Annapolis!

  1. We have virtually all of the Jeanneau and popular Fountaine Pajot models in Annapolis now available to see, charter or for an ASA sailing course.
  2. Open house at our office, Sept. 17th, 10:00-2:30. Get a sneak preview.
  3. Boat show prices in effect now, but you will have a much better choice of delivery dates if you talk to us now. Also, some stock boat specials, and pre-sale of demo and boat show models happening now. Call us for the latest information. 410-263-2311 or

Visit ACY Anytime:

Curious why Annapolis is the number one place to shop for a boat? We’ll tell you why it is, how to get here, and what to see and do. Plus, we’ll provide you with links and resources to make your trip easier. For charters, or ASA courses, visit Cruise Annapolis.

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Going to an upcoming boat show?

Upcoming boat shows…

Miami Feb. 14-18, 2019

  • See and learn more about Jeanneau and Fountaine Pajot Sail and Power boat models.
  • Seminars on our Boat Business program. Talk to base managers and owners. Tax seminars with extended Q& A sessions.
  • Management, charter and ASA course information
  • Yacht consultants can reserve a priority production slot, provide pricing and answer your questions.

In this post:

  • Get pricing in advance
  • What’s happening, places to stay, things to do.
  • Products you’ll see
  • Sign up for seminars, charters, sailing courses
  • Detailed instructions for getting there, Ferries, parking, Boat show layout, dealing with Uber and important links…

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Why consider Catamaran Motor yachts?

factoryaerialA little background…

Over 17 years ago, Fountaine Pajot decided to build commercial catamaran ferry boats–in fiberglass. They struck a deal with the city of LaRochelle to lease the old WWII Seaplane factory down on the water.

Fountaine Pajot brought jobs and opportunity to the city in exchange for a dollar a year lease of the facility. It was brilliant and it worked. (Today, Jean Francois, the founder of Fountaine Pajot, is the Mayor of LaRochelle and FP continues to enjoy an excellent rapport with the city.)

The design team has applied their engineering and design expertise from commercial boats to true catamaran motor yachts. This expertise just isn’t generally available to traditional manufactures of non-commercial yachts.

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Catamaran or monohull–a different view…


Catamarans cost less than monohulls! Really?

I just had an inquiry for pricing information for a customer deciding between a catamaran or monohull (A Fountaine Pajot 40 to a Jeanneau 47  to be exact.)

Interesting that my customer,  “ML” chose these two models, because I’ve done a rough calculation and determined that, in fact, catamarans cost more than monohulls–per foot! No! Not a revelation you say, but I also found that looking at the same data a different way, that the price came out about the same–when you compared usable space. Cost per Cubic Foot, in other words.

So what the heck am I talking about? Well here’s two sets of data. When we look at per foot costs, the catamaran definitely costs more, however when I did a calculation to figure the comparable cubic feet (the volume, if you will) I found that the costs were very similar…

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