Experience the Beauty and Accessibility of the US Virgin Islands

Cruising the pristine island chain of the US Virgin Islands has never been so accessible. The newest Atlantic Cruising Yachts charter affiliate, Virgin Island Yacht Charters, offers the perfect opportunity to experience the culture and natural beauty of these unique Caribbean destinations.

Jim Query and Kristi Chapman, owners of Virgin Islands Yacht Charters, in cooperation with the already successful BVI Yacht Charters, recently established a base on the East End of St. Thomas at Compass Point Marina, providing bareboaters a new option for sailing the Caribbean. The East End is a destination on its own, with diverse dining and entertainment options, and is by far the most happening spot in all of St. Thomas.

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What to Bring to a Boat Show

Attending a boat show is one of the best ways to see the latest models firsthand, explore new gear and accessories, and speak face to face with professionals in the industry. It can make for a long day though, especially if you’re not prepared. Atlantic Cruising Yachts’ Eric Smith put together a list of the top items to bring on your next boat show trip to make the experience more convenient and enjoyable:

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Owner to Owner–Lucia 40

Hélia 44 Evolution Cockpit & Salon - Lucia 40
Helia 44 Evolution Cockpit & Salon

An experienced owner of a Lucia 40 (The first in the U.S.) talks to a new owner about the livability of the main saloon. NOTE: The standard table is the cocktail table, pix 3 for all of the boats. The idea is that most people use the cockpit table for the main dining table as they follow the sun. But what if you want a dining table? We offer 4 choices… (These solutions are available on all models from 40-67′) Check out our Fountaine Pajot pages.

“We’re aboard Love Knot this week, cruising the BVIs with our grown kids. The large salon table is a place of constant activity–serving as chart table by day and game table by night when it’s too breezy for playing cards at the cockpit table. We haven’t made use of it as a bed yet, but that time will come and we have all of our kids with us.

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The Control Station of the Catamaran

Location, Location, Location

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Thinking of Setting Your Boat Up as a Business? 5 Questions You Need to Ask

Bill Lahr, an independent accredited fiduciary, tax strategist, and certified financial planner, with Archetype Advisors.

As more and more clients are reaping the benefits of our Business Yacht Ownership® program, and interest at the boat shows has skyrocketed, we’ve seen some imitators springing up with less comprehensive programs. We asked Bill Lahr, an independent accredited fiduciary, tax strategist, and certified financial planner, with Archetype Advisors, what questions should clients be asking about the Boat as a Business® program? Bill advises many of our clients on the BYO program and has seen imitation programs, which he found lack the experience, independent oversight, and flexibility of the Atlantic Cruising Yachts program. Continue Reading…

New FP47 Dinghy Lift

In a YouTube post about the new FP 47 video, CP asked:

aerial - New FP47 Dinghy LiftThe dingy platform is interesting. Do you think it’s reliable? I like the idea, but would be concerned about the complexity and additional systems to worry about. I noticed they are also offering traditional davits.

Chris, thanks for your comments. The reliability of the platform is a common question. It is hydraulic. A system that has been used on power boats, farm equipment, and other heavy industrial equipment that undergoes rough usage day in and day out and offers superb reliability under the most adverse conditions.

That’s why this system was chosen–for it’s heavy duty, robust capability.. It has been carefully designed so that when up, it is totally clear of the tunnel and it’s resulting stern wave. It goes down to the level of the stair platforms just above the water, providing a lounge terrace as shown in the pictures, and, finally, it lowers beneath the water for launching of the dinghy or scuba divers. Unique on a sailboat at this time, but a sign of things to come.

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Catamarans: What the Experts are Saying

Imagine you’re a fly on the wall, hearing experienced catamaran aficionados discussing some of the issues brought up with the new designs displayed at recent shows. What are the differences and how should they impact your choices?
One thing pretty much agreed on, there is a considerable difference between a boat designed primarily for charter companies, and one designed for private owners (Even though the latter may be privately managed.)  Link to a simpler, shorter article (especially useful if you’re new to all of this): Catamarans 101

Here are some of the hot topics people were talking about at recent boat shows:

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