Comparing Monohulls By The Numbers

When considering boat comparisons, is it important to think about the numbers, especially when considering monohulls, where this is a time-honored practice. Recently, I was talking to a customer, new to sailing. He was trying to get a handle on comparing the different boats he had seen and asked me for some thoughts.

I explained that the landscape has definitely changed and that there were many new design criteria being employed so that it makes it difficult to use the same old formulas in any meaningful way. Some of this is discussed in this article.

Here’s a good article from Cruising World explaining some of the difficulties of comparing today’s modern designs to those of a few years ago.

There are so many links out there for comparisons, but most all are now outdated by the new generation of modern, efficient, single-handed cruisers like the Jeanneau 440 and 490.

This attempt to compare attributes in monohulls is complicated even further as modern designs depart still further from the previous designs. It’s like comparing your Dad’s 53 Chevy to a self-driving, modern Mercedes! How do you begin to compare features that just didn’t exist in the past?

For years, things didn’t change much, but now, all of a sudden, like in the automotive industry, they have!

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In 2018, All Signs Point to Increased Demand for Yacht Charters

Charter programs can be a pivotal part of the equation for those looking to buy a yacht — not only does it help offset the costs of ownership, it also ensures that your boat will receive professional maintenance, service, and care even when you’re not using it. There is a right and wrong way to charter your yacht and with our Business Yacht Ownership®  program, we make sure your yacht is chartered the right way, in the right markets, with the right support. According to Transparency Market Research, the yacht charter market is anticipated to expand rapidly and the firm estimates that the yacht charter market will be worth almost $15 billion by 2025. There are several factors driving this demand, but we have highlighted some of the most important. Continue Reading…

Did You Miss Us at the St. Petersburg Boat Show? We’ll Catch You Up to Speed!

The ACY team had a great time at the 2017 St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show helping some new owners achieve their dream of yacht ownership! The weather was perfect and the turnout was exceptional, even in comparison to past years. Atlantic Cruising Yachts had two yachts on display at the show – the Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 and a Fountaine Pajot MY 37. Both yachts were very well-received, and we had a blast giving show-goers a tour of all the amazing features!

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Atlantic Cruising Yachts has a New Partner in Key West!

Atlantic Cruising Yachts is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Stock Island Marina Village in Key West to offer boat owners long-term yacht management services and exclusive yacht charter experiences in the country’s most desirable and unique nautical destination – Key West, Florida!

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It’s “About Time” to Pursue the Dream!

A story from our customer, Barry Slifstein, who re-evaluated his priorities and got back into boating after his father passed. Barry is a knowledgeable and experienced boater who just finished delivering his new Jeanneau 54 from Annapolis to the Virgin Islands.

This story is about two exceptional boats and an exceptional man, Barry Slifstein. He chartered “Not Afraid” and named his new boat “About Time,” and what a wonderful story he has! Read about his experience in his own words:

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What Makes a Power Catamaran a Motor Yacht?

Motor Yacht vs. Powered Yacht? It’s all about the planing speeds.

It starts with the design intent. If you want to have a true, planing motor yacht, like the Fountaine Pajot 37 and 44, it must be designed with a planing hull and matching appropriate engine installation.

In the case of the  Fountaine Pajot 44 Motor Yacht, which is a huge volume boat, it makes sense to go with IPS drives which are 50% more efficient than a conventional power train. That translates to longer range and higher speeds for a given engine and set of conditions. Now, let’s get a little technical.

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Are Electric Boats The Future?

Marine power efficiency has improved greatly over the years. Looking at the different options, steam engines are roughly 10% efficient, gas is about 25% efficient, and diesel hovers around 35% efficient. Any guess where electric falls? More than 90% efficient!

Right now the marine electric motor is a proven concept. Experts have said, “Electric motors are there; in 20 years, 50 years they won’t have changed appreciably.”

So why aren’t they here yet?

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The 40th Annual St. Petersburg Power and Sailboat Show is Almost Here!

Atlantic Cruising Yachts is gearing up for the largest in-water boat show on the Gulf Coast, taking place November 30 through December 3!

General Information:

The annual in-water power and sailboat show will feature an extensive selection of power boats and sailboats, both in water and on land. Show-goers will find hundreds of boats to view including the latest models from Fountaine Pajot! In addition to the large selection of exhibits at this year’s show, there are also several events that will keep the whole family entertained including marine seminars and youth fishing clinics presented by Hook the Future.Continue Reading…

Top 10 Boat Show Secrets

The United States Sailboat Show is right around the corner, where sailors from around the globe gather on miles of docks and attendees can experience the largest selection of Fountaine Pajot and Jeanneau yachts in America, including the brand new Saona 47 and Jeanneau 440.

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