Offset the Costs of a New Yacht with Tax Advantages and Income

Choose your boat, choose where you would like to keep it and then let us help you set it up as a business where tax advantages and income cover its costs. We’ve already helped over 800 people do this. We’re the acknowledged leaders in this field with 40 years of experience and success.  This is the original Boat as a Business® program that provides maximum flexibility and maximum fun. You choose a boat set up the way a private boat is configured. Expressly set up for you. Choose your location, and how much you want to use it. You can even follow the sun, move your boat seasonally from one location to another.  Our approach is the least expensive way to own a new yacht.


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We have seen a number of charter companies attempting to offer what appears on the surface to be a similar program. The difference is, our program is not a “Charter Company” program. We offer an alternative that works for the private yacht owner, designed and tested by the experiences of hundreds of our clients and their professional tax advisors. From the beginning 40 years ago, and with over 800 people successfully set up in their own boat business, our approach has always been offered as a service to support individual owner’s goals, not as a program to fill a charter fleet.

Maximum Flexibility for the Yacht Owner.

If we had to sum up our program in a word, it’s flexibility. Having your boat, your way. Using it when you want. Keeping it where you want. The ability to change your mind seasonally.  The ability to leverage small business tax advantages to offset the costs of ownership, not just charter income.

Follow-the-Sun?  Your Choice of the Best Cruising Destinations to Base Your Yacht


We have established WAYPOINTS™, a network of affiliated, independent management companies to offer an incredible range of choices for locating your yacht.  These are some of the best boutique yacht management operations in the industry, with proven track records of quality maintenance and service.  Can’t decide on one?  No problem!  Our Follow-the Sun program allows you to always keep your boat in a prime location, such as Annapolis in the summer, and the Bahamas in the winter.  You decide where and when, and we will help you analyze and understand the costs and benefits of keeping your yacht at each location.

The Least Expensive Way to Own.

Once you understand the difference, you’ll see how our proven, successful, and flexible program can help you meet your individual goals. Some owners make this a part of their retirement planning. Some use the profits and tax advantages to simply reduce or eliminate the costs of sailing. Some just like the idea of diverting taxes they’re already paying, to equity in the boat of their choice.

Whatever your goal… Here you’ll find out the differences and see why this is the most successful program of its type in the world, and literally the only program of its type in the world. There is no better way to own a boat for less. This program offers the least expensive alternative to boat ownership. Less expensive than a charter company program. A lease. A timeshare. Fractional ownership–even less expensive than owning a used boat.

How does Business Yacht Ownership® Work?

As rewarding as yacht ownership is, for many people it costs more than they can comfortably budget, and, often, they don’t have the time to do all of the routine maintenance and cleaning in order to keep the yacht in the condition they would prefer. With the new tax laws currently in effect, you will find that those costs can be even further reduced. You could own your yacht in ¼ of the time, for ¼ of the cost and your yacht could even become a part of your investment and retirement plans.

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Supported by an Independent Team of Certified Tax Advisors and Certified Financial Planners.

While Atlantic Cruising Yachts provides the yacht and management expertise, we leave the tax and financial advice to the experts — our friends at Archetype Advisors, LLC.  Bill Lahr and his independent team of Certified Financial Planners and Certified Public Accountants can assist you with understanding the details of our unique approach and integrating Business Yacht Ownership into your overall tax and financial picture.  Whether you (or your current tax advisor) have a few questions are would like a complete tax and financial plan to include your new yacht, Bill and his team can help.

I am very pleased with the Business Yacht Ownership Program. At first, I was very skeptical since it sounded “too good to be true.” So, I engaged my accountant to fully review this program and was very pleased to find that it was based on sound accounting principles. I have used this program and am pleased to say that my tax refund in my first year has allowed me to pay for 2.6 years of financing and operating costs. This has allowed me to purchase my yacht years earlier than I expected. Also, by combining this program with using the yacht in chartering, I am generating enough income to make double my monthly finance payments and thus will own the yacht free and clear when I am ready to exit the charter fleet. I am very pleased by this program and would recommend it to all that it makes sense for.

– A.J., Virginia


Dear Chris,

I wanted to let you know how pleased and excited we are with the purchase of our 40 foot Summerland Fountaine Pajot cruiser named WINE KNOT… last spring we relocated the boat to Marsh Harbor, and placed it in Cruise Abaco fleet owned and operated by Mark and Patti Gonsalves. We had chartered from Mark and Patti the past few years and Mark suggested that you and I talk so I could better understand the tax and business opportunities with Owning and Chartering a boat. Well after our first year I am very pleased and excited with the results. It is turning into a very nice cash flowing business that allows us to enjoy the boat as well

Thanks for the education and making the purchase of an FP painless and enjoyable. Happy Cruising!

– F. Kirley, Bahamas