Charter with Waypoints®!


Atlantic Cruising Yachts introduces Waypoints®, a network of affiliated, independently-owned and operated charter bases sharing the vision of delivering truly personalized, full-service charter vacations from the finest sailing destinations in the Atlantic and Caribbean.

• Privately-owned new model catamarans and monohulls

• Bareboat, skippered, or ASA-Certified instructional charters available

• Destinations include the Bahamas, Annapolis and the Chesapeake, St. Petersburg and the West Coast of Florida, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, and the Virgin Islands.

Bareboat, Skippered, or ASA Instructional Charter.  We have you covered in the most popular cruising destinations of the Atlantic!

Experience the best new sailing yachts from Jeanneau and catamarans from Fountaine Pajot. Our network of charter affiliates offer our new and nearly new yachts at the most exciting locations, from Newport to Annapolis, St. Petersburg, Key West and Fort Lauderdale, to the Bahamas and Caribbean.  Our charter team, can assist you with researching and booking our yachts at all of these locations.


If you do purchase a new Jeanneau or Fountaine Pajot from Atlantic Cruising Yachts, we will reimburse  up to three days charter fees from your purchase.

For Charter Inquiries, Visit Our Charter Reservation Department

Our charter experts based in Annapolis can provide advice and booking assistance for any of our affiliated locations.  We will help you find the right boat equipped the way you want it, at the right time and place.


Owning a New Yacht in our Business Yacht Ownership® Program…

Flexibility for the Owner is Paramount with our Approach!  You can choose to keep your yacht at any of our popular locations, and you can change locations — seasonally if you like.  We have been working with many of these affiliates for 10 years or more.  We have had a management company in Annapolis since the early 70’s and have placed over 800 people into a successful, owner-oriented Business Yacht Ownership® program in that time. You can “Follow-The-Sun” Keep your both North in summer, South in the winter season.  All of our bases accept our “owner-oriented boats“.  All offer management agreements that are compatible with U.S. tax laws.

Getting What You Truly Expect…

Our emphasis is on offering a service to our owners, not filling up a charter fleet.  Our owners are more likely planning to convert this boat to personal use in 3-5 years, or to roll a first boat over for a second, but the bottom line is they care about the boat, it’s configuration and its maintenance. They want a flexible program which allows them to get the boat they want, keep it where they want, use it as much as they like and to come and go into the program when they want. Our program uniquely offers that.

We are authorized factory dealers, not a charter fleet operator. The difference is profound. As the largest dealer in the world for Fountaine Pajot, and the largest in North America for Jeanneau, we attend regular dealer and technical service meetings (In France and the U.S.) and participate in manufacturer’s boat shows.  Charter fleet operators do not.

We get regularly updated on options, prices and availabilities.  Charter fleet operators do not.  If you are comparing programs, you will find that many of the Charter company plans are really quite deceptive in how they describe their management costs, and what they offer. For instance, they will say their management fee is 20%, 25%. 30%. Or whatever. What they don’t reveal is that there are additional fees. Turn around fees. Broker fees, and more. Do you really want to work with a deceptive organization?

And what about after the sale? As a dealer we get regular updates on service issues. If parts are needed quickly, we may have them in stock, or can generally get two day shipping. If it’s not an emergency, we can arrange shipping on one of the next boats coming over. (At any given times we have one to three boats making a crossing to our base in Annapolis.

What is your ultimate goal? Finally, you’re ready to convert your boat to personal use. If you have not had it imported properly, or paid the duty–it may be illegal for you to bring it into the U.S. That’s right, it’s not enough just to pay the duty, you also have to have a U.S. importer assigned C.G. H.I.N. number. Generally they don’t know about this, and as a foreign corporation, cannot arrange this for you.

We don’t charge anymore to do everything right, in fact, we offer a best service, best price guarantee on our products.