Fountaine Pajot Commissioning and Customization

Custom Biminis, Sun Shades, and Enclosures…

  1. Custom ACY Bimini. Folding SS frame. Main bimini with Textilene sun protection back. Folding/removable dodger. Removable Connector. Viewing window. Options, side curtains/enclosure.
  2. Factory Bimini, with optional rear ACY sunscreen (recommended). Options, enclosure, front windscreen.
  3. Cockpit enclosure. Combination Textilene, Sunbrella with a door. Offers shade. Sheds moderate rain. Easy to see out, difficult to see in. Many design possibilities including icing glass windows, in addition, to make (more)waterproof. Several panels, each rolls up.  Canvas/Screening/Cushion covers — color selection

Custom Net Covers with Zip-In Pillows…

Typical factory-supplied nets with open weave allow water to pass through when sailing offshore. They are functional but uncomfortable!  ACY custom net covers below, made of durable Textilene. They are suitable for inshore cruising (Bahamas, Chesapeake, BVI, etc) and easily removed for offshore cruising.  They are very comfortable to lie on. Closed cell foam pillows zip on so they don’t blow away, and don’t absorb moisture. Choice of colors.


Custom Electrical and Charging Systems

  1. Northern lights 9kw generator installed in sound installation box with custom, compartment, sound proofing, rubber mounting pad and rubber isolation mounts. Separate start battery in compartment, charged from Generator.  Northern lights runs at lower RPM with widely available service in the Unites States, Bahamas, and Caribbean
  2. ACY 110v shore power system with Paneltronics breaker panel
  3. Link Pro battery monitor (Provides battery status, including time remaining until charge necessary w/alarms).
  4. Isolation transformer with multiple input voltages. Multiple recepticles installed at stern for input of 110V,  60 cyclies, or (European) 220 V, 50 cycles. Note: Virtually all of the new equipment: A/C units, inverter/chargers, etc. are 50-60 cycle compatible.

Solar Panels

  1. Factory option solar panels… on Bimini top, partially shaded by rigging.
  2. Lipari 41 with custom ACY solar panels. Larger capacity, placed aft of boom, unshaded by boom for better output.   ACY panels have higher output.

We can install standard solar cells from factory, or upgraded units, locally. All include controllers. The Link Pro battery monitor will monitor inputs, but if you start getting more complicated with wind and/or water generators in addition, we might discuss dedicated power control and monitoring control systems as well.

Other Custom Options…

  1. Cork laminate decking, durable, lightweight, stain resistant. This is a proven product, much easier care than teak or synthetic teak for about the same price.
  2. Custom cockpit and deck cushions, your choice of colors and styles
  3. Cockpit Icemaker and other convenience appliances available. Incl: dishwasher, trash compactor, washer dryer, etc.

Navigation Electronics

We offer complete customization and factory authorized installation of Raymarine and Garmin systems.

Procedure to Register for MMSI and Ships Station License

  1. Go to this link to register for an FCC FRN Number:
  2. Then go to this link with your FRN number:
  3. Go to Online Filing and enter your FCC Registration Number and Password (FRN)
  4. You will see at the top a box to select Service, Hit the arrow down and go to SA or SB Ship and select that
  5. Hit Continue
  6. Next Question is asking for a 4 letter call sign Respond No hit continue
  7. You will now be in compulsory Questions……

Click Here for a completed form with all of the answers written in aside from your personal details.