Jeanneau Commissioning and Customization

From the Jeanneau 64 to the 349, and over 1,500 successful projects, we have more hands-on experience than anyone in North America.

There is a reason serious cruisers call Atlantic Cruising Yachts for their project.  There is simply no team in North America that has commissioned more Jeanneau cruising yachts than our team.  We have the benefit of feedback from literally hundreds of clients, what equipment is needed and what installations work best for given cruising environments.  We’re fully committed to you having your boat ideally set up for the way you plan to use it. Whether you’re going to just use it privately, or put it in our professional management program for business income and tax advantages, we’re there for you every step of the way. Let our experience with commissioning over 1,500 boats since 1972 work for you!

  • Custom Cockpit Canvas, Made to Order
  • Custom Cockpit Cushions
  • Upgraded Charging and Electrical Systems
  • Custom Davits and Arches
  • Raymarine and Garmin Navigation Systems

Custom Electrical and Charging Systems

  1. Northern lights 9kw generator installed in sound installation box with custom, compartment, sound proofing, rubber mounting pad and rubber isolation mounts. Separate start battery in compartment, charged from Generator.  Northern lights runs at lower RPM with widely available service in the Unites States, Bahamas, and Caribbean
  2. ACY 110v shore power system with Paneltronics breaker panel
  3. Link Pro battery monitor (Provides battery status, including time remaining until charge necessary w/alarms).
  4. Isolation transformer with multiple input voltages. Multiple receptacles installed at stern for input of 110V,  60 cycles, or (European) 220 V, 50 cycles. Note: Virtually all of the new equipment: A/C units, inverter/chargers, etc. are 50-60 cycle compatible.

Custom Davit Systems

Here are some other custom options to talk about that we’ve done in the past.

  1. Couch. Backrest flips up to become a bunk;
  2. Spit double bed to create two singles. Sometimes possible in selected cabins. With or without lee clothes.
  3. Add a comfortable desk, nav table swivel chair (In this case, we removed a cabinet behind to make room for the swivel function.
  4. Office with desk. Added power options and communication functions. This can be done in some cases in extra bunk cabins in monohulls, or forward  bow cabins in catamarans.
  5. Converted forward cabin in catamaran to a utility room with deep freeze in forward part of L counter. Washer/dryer or genset in aft part. Drawers and bins for food storage, tools and parts, etc. In forward locker door, installed a hanging rod of course for up to 6′ of clothes hanging space.
  6. High/low and many variations of electric, pneumatic or manual convertible tables.
  7. Varnished wood tables and seats. Many choices. A popular choice has been to seal with epoxy, and then use a water soluble varnish in satin or gloss finish. This provides for easy maintenance and the elimination of sanding through tot he bare wood when you later add coats to refresh.
  8. Appliances: Washer-dryer–combomatic (with external venting–very important), or stacked available depending on space. Ice makers, dishwashers, trash compactors built in coffee makers and food processors, etc.–all available.

Procedure to Register for MMSI and Ships Station License

  1. Go to this link to register for an FCC FRN Number:
  2. Then go to this link with your FRN number:
  3. Go to Online Filing and enter your FCC Registration Number and Password (FRN)
  4. You will see at the top a box to select Service, Hit the arrow down and go to SA or SB Ship and select that
  5. Hit Continue
  6. Next Question is asking for a 4 letter call sign Respond No hit continue
  7. You will now be in compulsory Questions……

Click Here for a completed form with all of the answers written in, aside from your personal details.