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A new look at comfortable cruising

Jeanneau has been a leading innovator in designing leading-edge cruising boats for over 60 years. With the new Sun Odyssey series, kicking off with the 410440 and 490, Jeanneau raises the bar. This is a total redesign from the keel up!

So, what’s different in this picture? Notice the back end of the deck is at the cockpit floor level? We call it “Walk around decks” You’ll say, “Why doesn’t everyone do this?” Eventually, they will, but, you have to design this feature in from the ground up–and this is just the first of many phenomenal differences…

On Deck

  • This deck design has been completely re-thought.
  • The side decks slope down aft to meet the cockpit floor. No more climbing over coamings and ducking under biminis.
  • The hull design carries the beam further aft providing for wide comfortable seating, with all controls led to the helmsman.
  • The seatbacks are high and comfortable but also convert to double cockpit lounges on demand (on both sides).
  • With the wide cockpit, comes a much wider table with portable, electric, cockpit refrigerator that lifts out to take home to load.

Centralized controls, the latest in electronics and sail-handling controls — all led to the helmsman who can easily join friends at the table and navigate with a remote iPad and autopilot sitting at the expansive table while enjoying a glass of wine. In fact, with the new Harken control system, with a touch of a button, the boat will tack itself, taking one jib sheet in, while releasing the other electrically and automatically.

From the designer — Phillippe Briand

See this detailed walkthrough video by Eric Stromberg, Jeanneau’s chief product coordinator. The video, especially of the cockpit, is similar for both models. See the web pages for individual differences.

Thanks to a lack of barriers between the cockpit and the deck, and a gentle sloping of the deck towards the stern, movement is unimpeded by steps or obstacles. This improves circulation in day-to-day use as well as improves safety for guests onboard.

Secondly, in a completely new and patented feature, a “transformer” cockpit backrest has been developed for the SO 440, offering protection within the cockpit as well as an elevated vantage point from the helm. This backrest can be pivoted 90 degrees from vertical to a horizontal position, so lying flat to offer a full-beam 330% extension of the overall cockpit zone to the rear.

Within the cockpit area, a folding-leaf table provides a comfortable dining space with a concealed, portable fridge inset within the table. This fridge can be used for excursions ashore alongside the portable barbecue, which is stowed under the helmsman’s seat, adjacent to the cockpit sink.

Video Walkthrough

The Hull

Slippery and fast. Fine forward, full aft but with a crease that allows more beam above the waterline, but famous Jeanneau minimal wetted surface for light air conditions. More space, less drag–you can have it all.

Jeanneau’s twin rudders will give you fingertip control with a deep-set, high-aspect rudder fully immersed on either tack.

With the fine forward bow, Briande moved the forward bulkhead back, providing a “Bosun Locker” forward for extraordinary storage for large items from light air spinnakers or code “0’s” to bicycles.

By moving the bulkhead back, we also allow an owner’s berth forward that is totally rectangular (to accommodate standard queen-sized sheets, with an oversized walk-around berth extending all the way to the forward, much wider, bulkhead.

The interior

The same ideas are incorporated in both the 440 and 490. Rectangular berths. Loads of storage everywhere. Extraordinarily light and bright interiors with a choice of woods and treatments.

All areas are on the same level with no steps anywhere. Large heads with electric freshwater toilets and separate showers available.

The galley is in the heart of the boat where there are less motion and easy serving for cocktails or dinner. Combine this with the huge cockpit table with self-storing beverage cooler and you’ve got a winner for entertaining large or small groups.

Gallery – Interiors


Great sailing performance is simply a part of Jeanneau’s DNA and this design exemplifies it to the N’th degree. In addition to all controls aft, you have your choice of headsail set up for easy single-handing, but also to accommodate flexible headsail arrangements from self-tacking jib to asymmetrical spinnakers or Code 0’s with “top-down” furling. The bow/anchor spirit fully facilitates the widest possible choice of headsails.

See all of the 400 series at the upcoming boat shows…

Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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