Jeanneau, a closer look


What makes a Jeanneau from Atlantic Cruising Yachts truly unique?

We don’t want to sell you a boat, we want to fulfill your expectations. Before, during and after the sale. We take a team approach. There are so many considerations when getting a new boat, and we want to make it easy with an experienced staff of professionals recruited over the years as we became the #1 worldwide dealer for Fountaine Pajot and the top North American dealer for Jeanneau.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. From planning, to financing, settlement and documentation and finally to sea-trials on your new boat spending as much time as necessary, normally at least a couple of days, being sure you understand your boat and its systems.

Your boat, your way

Each of us is different and has different needs at different times in our lives. If you’re still working, your time and cruising radius may be limited. If you’re close to retirement, you may want to use our boat business program to help build equity in your boat before you retire. Or, perhaps, you want to live-aboard, and do extensive cruising?

Whatever your goal, you should make sure that your boat is set up for your cruising plans. Perhaps it is simpler initially, but with systems added later for a more ambitious cruising agenda…

Atlantic cruising has always offered custom commissioning services so that you don’t have to order off of the manufacturer sheet. We offer a host of customization options from fresh water flush heads to custom canvas that, like a fine suit, is custom measured to your needs.

For example you have your choice of literally 100’s of Sunbrella covers. Hand holds, LED lighting. We have you sit in the cockpit and check your sight lines and the ergonomics of operating the winches, sheets and equipment.

Our Dodger (We supply a Bimini, connector and forward Dodger in our package) is called a “California Dodger”. Meaning the front and side windows zip out and store flat under a cushion in the warm summer months.This still gives you sun and rain protection forward over the companionway, but let’s the breeze blow though, unobstructed during warm months. The front window still rolls up for shoulder seasons. With this arrangement we can use heavier gauge icing glass so it doesn’t get crinkly and make it difficult to see through.Bonus? Hand rails where you want. Bimini extended back behind the back-stay to keep the sun off the skippers bank. (This can be supplemented with textelene sunscreens to keep the sun out of the cockpit at cocktail time while at anchor.) It costs no more for this custom fitted bimini, than for an off the shelf standard canvas package.

We go over with you how you will use your boat. Mostly at a marina? Mostly at a mooring or anchorage? Or a blend? We will have a commissioning meeting with you and determine your power consumption and plan your battery bank, charging equipment and supplemental passive charging systems (Like solar) to meet your cruising style.

We’ll review sail systems. We offer rigging and custom sails. We will bring experts in to consult with you about downwind and light-air sails. If you don’t optimize your sail system, you’re going to do a lot of motoring–especially if you’re not in the Caribbean all the time where the winds are generally better.Isn’t sailing what you’re all about? Isn’t that why you are considering a Jeanneau in the first place–because of it’s acclaimed great sailing performance?

Don’t put your boat in a charter company program! But you might like to consider setting it up as a part time, home based business that can either simply offset some of your expenses, or become a full fledged business that qualifies for huge tax advantages that can cover 100% of your costs and even make a profit. Some 40 years ago I had a customer who wasn’t using his boat as much as he would have liked. After discussions, I chartered it for him to a few clients I had who were thinking about buying a boat like his.

This approach did exactly what he was looking for–provided justification for owning a boat that he couldn’t use as much as he would like–now. As a bonus, we did the work, he had the fun. John had to travel for several hours to get to his boat. He loved that we took care of it so he could relax. When he arrived, the A/C was on and the beds were made. It was immaculately clean, fueled and watered. All this support was really paid for by the clients that chartered his boat.

Since that time, we have helped over 1,000 people achieve their goals with a totally flexible program. You can learn more about this program by joining one of my weekly webinars at 7:00 PM Thursday, or read about it here. Sometimes I like to say that you’re already paying for a boat, but you just don’t have it. You’re paying for it with taxes and income that you could derive from setting your boat up as a business that could be diverted to equity.

Join me for a webinar on this program to learn more.

We offer a full suite of services with over 40 years of doing so. We arrange custom commissioning, but also, insurance, dockage, and captains to help get you acquainted with your boat. Our famous Boat as a Business® Program is always available as a part time supplemental program to help reduce your running costs, or as a full blown program that offers tax advantages and income that covers 100% of your costs. 
Jeanneau is a great and responsive builder with over 50 years of experience. But at the end of the day, they build boats for a world wide market and have to accommodate every one. We don’t! We only have to accommodate you, and we will. Our commissioning meeting normally takes a couple of hours–after you’ve selected all of the manufacturers equipment.
We have commissioning facilities in Annapolis and Florida, as well as management and service centers with boats for charter or to try before you buy at 10 different locations
Each boat is different, just like our owners. I would love to build one just for you!
We also offer our famous try before you buy program. You can try a boat you’re considering for up to 3 days (with or without a captain) to put it through it’s paces prior to making a commitment. This is a great way to help decide which equipment is most important to you. 

Why not have your boat your way? Let us get you fitted today. Join Bob, and the 100’s of other happy owners… Call us now to get started … 410-263-2311


Eric Smith

Senior Sales Consultant, Partner
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