List Your Current Yacht with Us – We’ll Waive Our Commission

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No matter how much you love your current yacht, you may be looking at bigger, better, newer models and thinking about upgrading in 2020. Every year, Dufour and Fountaine Pajot roll out new features. When you’re ready to upgrade and transition to a new yacht, the Atlantic Cruising Yachts team can do so much more than help you find the perfect new yacht. We can list your current yacht for brokerage, get you the best selling price, and we’ll waive our seller’s commission. Here’s how it works:

0% Seller’s Agent Commission

When your used yacht is listed for brokerage, a brokerage fee of typically around 10% is applied. The selling broker collects 5% and the buying broker collects 5%. When you purchase a new yacht from Atlantic Cruising Yachts and list your current yacht with us – we’ll waive our 5% seller’s commission.

Additional Buyer’s Agent Bonus

What’s more, if one of our brokers acts as the buyer’s agent, we’ll take an additional 1.5% off the buyer’s agent’s commission, and put it towards your savings.

Example Brokerage Listing:

Additional Benefits

When you’re an Atlantic Cruising Yachts owner, we’re your partner on every step of the journey. We help make the dream of yacht ownership easy and attainable:

  • Business Yacht Ownership® – meet with a yacht consultant and attend a free webinar to see if this program, which allows some owners to offset 80-100% of costs, is right for you.
  • Financing – We’ll work with our financing partner, LH Finance, to get you the absolute best financing options available to suit your needs. In some cases, we may be able to upgrade your current yacht without increasing your monthly payments.
  • Try Before You Buy Chartering Options – Charter a new, or nearly new, yacht through Waypoints®, our network of independent yacht management teams from Annapolis to the Caribbean.

Schedule an appointment with one of our yacht consultants to see if the 0% seller’s fee program is a fit for you.