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Choose Your Charter Base Location, Cruise as Often as You Want

Waypoints logoWaypoints® is a network of affiliated, independently-owned and independently-operated charter bases sharing the vision of delivering truly personalized, full-service charter vacations from the finest sailing destinations in the Atlantic and Caribbean.

Waypoints® works in conjunction with the Business Yacht Ownership® program, offering owners the flexibility to keep their yacht in any of our charter affiliate locations, even seasonally, with the ability to earn charter income while benefiting from tax advantages.

Each of our charter affiliates shares the same high level of commitment to quality and service, so no matter which location you choose, you are guaranteed the same top-notch professional maintenance and service that you’ve come to expect from Atlantic Cruising Yachts.

Boundless Charter Destinations

Experience the beauty and lifestyle of chartering from world-class charter operators from a host of destinations, managing the entire process for you and ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

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