Dufour 360

Dufour 360

Every sailboat deserves the best so the Dufour 360 boasts all the range’s innovations and features. This winning bet sets it apart and makes it unique.

A Quick & Stable Hull at Every Speed

Design and practicality deliver a quick and stable hull whatever the speed, a fully equipped steering station and an immense cockpit secured by the rear seats with a complete galley. And the Dufour 360 has much to offer inside. As well as two and three-cabin options, the lounge’s double bench can accommodate up to eight guests at your table.

Whether you’re taking in the coastline with family, on a regatta with friends or sailing around the world, the Dufour 360 aspires to offer sensational enjoyment whatever the circumstances.

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Overall length:
10.73 m | 35.20 ft (incl. bowsprit)
Waterline length:
9.05 m | 29.69 ft
Hull length:
9.99 m | 32.78 ft
Max beam:
3.54 m | 11.61 ft
Light displacement:
5,775 kg | 12,731.70 lbs
1.90 m | 6.23 ft
Keel weight:
1,550 kg | 3,417.17 lbs
Fuel tank capacity:
160 L | 42.27 gallons
Water tank capacity:
220 L | 58.12 gallons
Engine power:
19 cv | 18.74 hp
Sail area:
60 m² | 645.84 sq. ft
34.50 m² | 371.35 sq. ft
25.5 m² | 274.48 sq. ft

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