Dufour 412

Dufour 412

Uncompromised Performance

The seaworthiness of our Dufour sailboats is the keyword on which we never compromise. But performance should not impinge on comfort so we work every day to enhance your onboard life, allowing you to make the most of your magnificent moorings.

The Dufour 412 is a masterpiece in this regard. Impressive hull volume and a 4.20-meter midship beam make it one of the biggest in its category.

This concept is clear in the cockpit which uses all available space to offer various sunbathing areas complete with a huge integrated rear aft deck.

Enjoy your best cruises with the Dufour 412: the perfect balance between steering pleasure and mooring fun.

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Length overall:
12.70 m
Waterline length:
11.15 m
Hull length:
11.98 m
Max beam:
8940 kg
Light displacement:
4900 kg
2.10 m
Keel Weight:
2600 kg
Fuel tank capacity:
200 L
Water tank capacity:
380 L
Engine power:
40 cv
Sail area:
71 m²
38 m²
33 m²

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