Dufour 460

Dufour 460


The Dufour design is a balance between sensitive, sophisticated and precise touches. An integral part of our own identity, it is this subtle harmony that makes Dufour sailboats so unique.

Majestically elegant, merging contemporary and timeless style, the Dufour 460 embodies all the beauty of the Dufour signature.

It’s an authentic pure-blood in both aesthetics and performance with its hull line and pronounced bilges. Both rounded and fluid, the deck shapes leave room for a huge cockpit and wide side decks for optimum movement.

Inside, a vast lounge with front galley gives it a yacht feel.

The Dufour 460 is the gold standard and sure to become legendary.

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Length overall:
46 ft
Waterline length:
8.70 m
Hull length:
9.35 m
Max beam:
3.31 m
Light displacement:
4900 kg
1.90 m (1.60 m opt.)
Keel Weight:
1330 kg
Fuel tank capacity:
90 L
Water tank capacity:
160 L
Engine power:
19 cv
Sail area:
50.4 m²
33.5 m²
16.8 m²

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