Dufour 470 Exterior

Dufour 470

This 47-foot performance monohull combines Dufour’s know-how and the brand’s desire to innovate. Her modern hull design and fluid deck layout make her an instant “classic” in the yard. She has been built simple and elegant with high-performance for incredible thrills.

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Overall Length:
14.85 m
Max Beam:
Keel Weight:
3 550 kg
Engine Power:
60 cv
50 m^2
Waterline Length:
13.99 m
Light Displacement:
13 200 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity:
250 L
Sail Area:
107 m^2
Hull Length:
13.55 m
2.25 m
Water Tank Capacity:
530 L

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Additional Dufour 470 Information


The “Easy” version is intended for owners and renters in search of simplicity and comfort. Its elegant movement plan allows for great mobility throughout the vessel.


The “Ocean” version suits owners who wish for a more traditional movement plan with the sheets positioned on the coamings and the halyard and mainsail trolley handlings near the helm station.


The “Performance” version is ideal for lovers of thrills. With its six high-quality winches, its clew at the rear of the cockpit, and its “Performance” equipment, this model is transformed into a pure racer.

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