Dufour 56

Dufour 56

Instinctive Sailing

Every day, we strive to design yachts to make your dreams of offshore adventures a reality.

A peerless yacht with stunning aesthetics, the Dufour 56 is designed, first and foremost, for high-sea sailing. Fast, seaworthy and reliable in all circumstances, it embodies the very essence of a powerful, safe and easy-to-maneuver sailboat. With its tilling consoles equipped with commands for all winches and electric furlers, sailing on the Dufour 56 is child’s play.

Inside, the Dufour 56 sets a new standard for on-board luxury and comfort with a sophisticated design and high-end features.

As many owners report, the Dufour 56 will give you the most thrilling emotions and take you wherever you wish to go.

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Length overall:
17.15 m
Waterline length:
15.17 m
Hull length:
16.30 m
Max beam:
5.05 m
Light displacement:
17,625 kg
2.50 m
Keel Weight:
4,900 kg
Fuel tank capacity:
440 L
Water tank capacity:
730 L
Engine power:
110 (150 cv opt.)
Sail area:
141 m²
72 m²
69 m²

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