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Designed by sailors for those who love the sea, Prestige yachts are the jewel of French marine engineering: multiple generations, a rich variety of expertise, the same desire to build quality and to create beauty.

The Prestige 520 is offered by Atlantic Cruising Yachts in partnership with Virgin Charter Yachts, our Waypoints® affiliate for motor yacht management in the Virgin Islands.

Luxury motor yachts like the Prestige 520 are in short supply and high demand for charter in the Virgin Islands. This, combined with the new first-year expensing incentives under current tax laws, offer an unprecedented opportunity to own a new Prestige 520 without adversely impacting personal net worth. With as little as 15 weeks per year, you can enjoy neutral to positive cash flow.

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Over 1,000 clients have used the Business Yacht Ownership® program to offset 80-100% of new yacht costs with tax advantages and income. Register for a free webinar with an independent tax advisor and certified financial planner to learn more.

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Overall length:
Hull length:
Hull beam:
Max Air draft:
Light displacement:
31,085 Lbs
Displacement Full charge:
43,788 Lbs
Fuel tank capacity:
2 x 172 US gal
Hot water capacity:
16 US gal
Cold water:
169 US gal
Holding tank capacity:
32 US gal
Max speed:
26 knots
Cruising speed:
22 knots
Maximum speed consumption:
169 l/h
Cruising speed consumption:
137 l/h
Maximum speed range:
195 NM
Range at cruising speed:
212 NM
Platform load capacity:
331 Lbs
Air conditioning tropical:
67,000 BTU
3 + skipper
Engine power:
2 x Volvo IPS 600 – 2 x 435 cv / hp
CE category:
B-12 / C-14
Prestige Engineering Dpt / JP Concepts /Garroni Design

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Own the Prestige 520 for Less With Our Business Yacht Ownership® Program

This exclusive opportunity to purchase the 520 is available as part of our Business Yacht Ownership® program. We’re the acknowledged leaders in this field with 40 years of experience and success. This is the original Boat as a Business® program that provides maximum flexibility and maximum fun. You can even follow the sun and move your boat seasonally from one location to another. Our approach is the least expensive way to own a new yacht, with many owners able to offset 80-100% of ownership costs with tax advantages and income.

Attend one of our weekly webinars, hosted by an independent tax advisor and certified financial planner to learn more.

Unlimited Owner Use and Maximum Flexibility

As with all of our Waypoints® affiliates, Virgin Charter Yachts offers maximum flexibility for the owner. This includes no preset limits to owner use, the ability to relocate or cruise in other locations during offseason, and the ability to equip your new Prestige 520 to meet your personal preferences. And when you are not using the boat, she is earning revenue and carefully serviced to be always ready for your return.

Founded in 1996, Virgin Charter Yachts enjoys a well-earned reputation for amazing customer service and meticulous yacht maintenance that includes engine and generator service after every charter.

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